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Case Sharing

Do you found it is tough to performing Quantity Takeoff on numerous PDF drawings?

And it is also not easy to measure the objects with shapes of curves and twists?

Here we have a case study from a Consultancy firm called KCI Management Consultancy Limited in Hong Kong, sharing how Bluebeam Revu can help on their daily jobs on Quantity Takeoff.

With a complex drawing, performing quantity takeoffs requires high level of accuracy.

KCI mentioned sveral tools provided by Bluebeam Revu that wer particularly usefule for their daily workflow, including calibration, snapping, multiple scale viewports, conversion of lines to arcs, counitng, marklist and expect function.


The calibrating function in Bluebeam Revu allowed KCI to determine the scale of the drawing in PDF, enabling accurate measurements. In addition, Revu® allowed KCI to store multiple scales in the same document, including storing X and Y scales separately, which reduced error in calculations and measurements.

Snapping is favorable to making precise and accurate measurements. The Grid and snap-to-grid functionality aided precise placement and calculation of markups.

With their project and large drawing sets, KCI was able to effectively use the counting tool to tally up different items within the drawings with ease, including windows, doors, lights, etc.

  • 30% time savings in Quantity Takeoff
  • Easy tracking locations of markups
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy with precise tools

The implementation for Bluebeam Revu was relatively seamless for KCI.  The simple installation allows KCI to get started right away after acquiring the licenses.  They also mentioned that the learning curve for Revu was relative low, and the extensive resources provided online aslo assisted them in their early adoption.

Right now, all the new on-boarding members of KCI have started using Revu fron day 1 with ease.  They were particlarly impressed how easy it was to find all the functions that Revu has to offer from their tool chest once they get used to the interface.

KCI has purchased licenses of Revu eXtreme over 3 years.  Since then, they have continually used Revu with no plans to seek out other solutions.


See how Bluebeam Revu can help you perform 70% faster quantity survey!

Digitally measure the area, volumne, angleand radius of any space

Dynamic Fill gives the best ever smart measurement tool for pdf drawing

Link and export measurements to Excel worksheets and automatically calculate costs



We are happy to announce that Bluebam Revu are now part of the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (the CITF).

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