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BIM Model Checking and Quality Assurance

Webinar on BIM Model Checking and Quality Assurance

CITAC is striving for the improvement of the productivity, safety and sustainability of the Hong Kong construction industry by promoting innovation adoption. Webinars on construction technologies are organised to promulgate technology solutions to the industry via our online platform.

Manual checking of the BIM model is a time-consuming and cost-consuming process as it always requires an experienced professional to do repetitive work. In this webinar, which is jointly organised by CIC and CITAC, Forida will present how digital tools such as Solibri Model Checker can help practitioners to do quality checking automatically to meet the BIM project requirements. 

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Webinar Details

Topic : BIM Model Checking and Quality Assurance
Date :  21 April 2020 (Tuesday)
Time : 10:00 am 
Language : Cantonese
Fee : Free of Charge
Format : Webinar
Speaker : Ms Helen CHEUNG, Application Consultant of Forida Limited

Webinar Highlights

  • Digital Solution for BIM Model Checking and Quality Assurance
  • Open BIM and Model Checking Workflow
  • Real-time demonstration on BIM Model Checking & Quantity Takeoff

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Do you ever think of how to ensure Quality Assurance for your BIM projects?  Do the BIM models produced following the BIM standard you have set?

Without a proper tool, you would need to check the model manually for the Clash Detection but also the correct Naming Convention and Required Properties.  That is time-consuming and requires an experienced professional to do so.

Here we introduce Solibri Model Checker that allows users to define how QA/ QC tasks are performed.  It is a software developed by a Finnish company and fully adopted to the Open BIM methodology, which refers to IFC models and BCF format.


It is also available with a free viewer called Solibri Anywhere (previously named Solibri Model Viewer)


Quick Overview

Let’s start with the User Interface.



There are 5 tab

  • FILE: for document operation, such as open file, save file and setting
  • MODEL: for models reviewing, such as IFC, DWG or SMC file and visualizing the model in different views
  • CHECKING: checking a model/ design by a collection of Rulesets  (the core feature of Solibri)
  • COMMUNICATION: generate a slideshow to present the checking result and issue list
  • INFORMATION TAKEOFF: full information quantity takeoff


The Three Core Concepts

Before we go into the functions of Solibri, we should first understand some basic concepts in Solibri.

They are Role, Rules and Rulesets, and Classification. Most of the BIM workflow applies to this concept as well.


What is a Role in Solibri?

  • A Role (or professional function) is essentially to call on a grouping of resources.
  • An example of Role is BIM Validation could be Architectural or Quantity Takeoff.
  • Grouping of resources refers to Rulesets, Classifications, and Information Takeoff Definitions (ITO)
  • It helps users to perform their tasks by focusing on their Role only.

What are Rules and Rulesets?

  • Rules and Rulesets are the criteria (of a requirement or regulation) used for checking the BIM model or Information Takeoff.
  • It should include all required checkpoints, such as the information contained in the BIM model, for both geometry and non-geometry components.
  • Solibri comes with more than 50 out-of-the Rulesets that are ready for use.
  • Users can create their own custom Rulesets as well, either from scratch or by adding to, removing from, and/or modifying the parameters of an existing Rulesets.

What is Classification?

  • Classification in Solibri allows users to classify or categorize elements or spaces.
  • Model checking and Information Takeoff would be performed based on the Classification


Model Checking

Finally, let’s see how Solibri checks your model.

  • Firstly, open the model
  • And then, select the Discipline such as Architectural (it is important to choose the Discipline right, as the Ruleset in Solibri is classified by Discipline)
  • Next, select the Rulesets (Ruleset is another important concept in Solibri that is the “standard” used for the model checking. It can be easier setup and created by medication from the sample Rulesets provided.)
  • The Issue report will be easily generated and categorized into different Severity (Critical, Moderate, Low) and the user can review and decide the issues if they are Rejected Results or Accepted Results.


  • Lastly, the users can create a report into a PDF or Excel file.


Solibri Model Checker is now a pre-approved CITF product.


Solibri 5 min demonstration video: https://youtu.be/pUMsElKEKZ4

Want to learn more about Solibri? Visit our product page: http://www.forida.com.hk/index.php/products/solibri

Check out about The Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF)? http://www.forida.com.hk/index.php/solutions/bim-fundings

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