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A highlight of BIM 360 update (July 2020)

The AEC industry is everchanging – The Autodesk Construction Cloud solution – BIM 360 also keep updated all the time to help the subscriber to adapt to this everchanging business landscape.

Here, let’s have a look on the key updates that you should not miss.


1. Enhancement in Insight (BIM 360 Docs)

(Full release note: https://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2020/07/30/analytics-and-insights-updates-july-2020/)

Project Level Document Log (NEW!)

  • This helps meet the requirements for CDE/ISO19650 for running a document log for the entire Project Files.
  • This report also includes all standard and custom attributes.

Issue Report (UPDATE!)

  • now includes automatic clash screenshots from model coordination reports

Data Connector (Preview) (UPDATE!)

  • Custom Issue Attributes – to helps customers use their own custom attributes for slicing and dicing the data.
  • Issue and Checklist links – helps link issues to the checklists they originated from. Provides a way for customers to understand which inspection caused these issues.
  • Email notifications for data connector requests- allows customers to know the data extraction is complete (or failed) and ready to download.
  • a new Power BI template for project controls dashboards supporting RFI and Submittals data. Data Connector users can download this template and start using this along with the project controls data provided by Data Connector. 


2. Enhancement in Field Management Module (BIM 360 Build)


Increase Visibility With Issue Reference Linking

(Full release note https://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2020/07/28/increase-visibility-with-issue-reference-linking/)

  • link existing assets or RFIs to an issue directly within the record
  • Project members with the following permission levels have access to this functionality

New Checklist Features To Save Time and Reduce Duplication of Effort

(Full release note https://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2020/07/28/new-checklist-features-to-save-time-and-reduce-duplication-of-effort/)

  • “Assigned to me” quick filter within mobile any abstract?? E.g. Allow field users to search his assigned task faster at mobile
  • Checklist ID​​​​​​​: Checklists now have their unique IDs. You can find checklists quicker by their checklist IDs, and sort checklists by ID; The checklist detail report will also include the ID
  • Create a checklist from checklist log
  •  Section assignee filter: When web users filter checklists based on assignees the filtering results will not only show assignees on a checklist level but also on a checklist section level.
  •  Import BIM 360 (Classic) Field templates along with their issue auto-creation settings: no longer need to redo the work of setting up issue auto-creation rules when they import an existing checklist template to another project.
  •  Activity log: brings full transparency to all the updates made on a checklist. Leverage a single source of truth that gives you the information about who did what and when. For now, the feature is available on web only.

Issue Enhancements (UPDATE!)

(Full release note https://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2020/07/21/bim-360-issue-enhancements/)

 Export issue log in xlsx (web):Xlsx is a much more convenient format for users who will work with the data directly in Excel and it’s also easier if they want to use the exported log as an import file for data analytics tools such as Power BI or Tableau.

  • Filter issues by custom attributes (web)
  • “Assigned to me” quick filter (mobile)


3. Enhancement in Project Management Module (BIM 360 Build)

The “meetings minutes” features launched just some time ago but more new update has come.

Meetings (UPDATE!)

(Full release note https://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2020/07/27/meetings-enhancement-description-summary-advanced-text-editing/)

● Description & Summary Advanced Text Editing:When you select text and add a link, the link becomes a hyperlink in both the meeting record and exported PDF.


4. Enhancement in Model Coordination Module (BIM 360 Coordinate)

(Full release note https://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2020/07/21/bim-360-model-coordination-july-2020-release-notes/)

Auto-Attached Clash Screenshots (NEW!)

● supports the automatic creation of screenshots, as attachments to assigned clash issues

● Clash screenshots additionally benefit users viewing an issue outside of Model Coordination, including Docs, detailed issue reports (PDF) and Meeting Minutes.


Check out the full release notes at https://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/

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