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Preparation work when you switch your Autodesk Multi-User license to Single-User license

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Since Autodesk has announced to retire plans based on serial number and multi-user access in the early of this year (Transition to Named User), many users are taking the trade in offer at the time of the license renewal.

In this article, we will briefly list out the steps to go through the transition for current multi-user subscription or network maintenance users.


1. Prepare an user list

- A list of user (email) and which Autodesk product that they are required to use shall be first prepared.

  Each Autodesk single-user license can be used/ assigned to one user.

- If the user email has not be registered as an Autodesk account yet, please "Create Account" in advance at https://accounts.autodesk.com/

- The license administrators - Contract Manager or Software Coordinator (or also called Primary/ Secondary Administrator) may then add the user in the Autodesk Account.

  For detail https://knowledge.autodesk.com/customer-service/account-management/users-software/user-management/add-users


2. Transition

- After the new subscription period starts, the license adminstrators can start assigning the product access right to each user in the Autodesk Account.

  For detail https://knowledge.autodesk.com/customer-service/account-management/users-software/user-management/assign-users-to-products

- The installed software is not required to un-install and then re-install in the users' machine, when not a different proect is switchted after trade-in.

  The user just need to change the license type (from network license to single user) and then sign in into the software instead.

  Note: Steps to change license type

     a. Start your Autodesk software

     b. At the upper-right, click the triangle next to the username and then select Manage License             tnu 1      c. In the License Manager dialog box, select Manage License Type

tnu 2

     d. The Let's Get Started screen appears, and then choose your license type as Single-ser

tnu 3

 * With the introduction of the Autodesk 2020 software release (same for 2021), changing the licensing now may require commands to be entered via an elevated command prompt.

Please refer to this link for the instruction for the Admin and Users.


3. Retirement of Network License Server

After confirmed all users can sign in into the software, the network license server can be stopped services.


Some tips:

For each multi user seat trade in, two single user subscriptions will be offered.  When the no. of users is more than the number of seats after trade-in, additional new subscription will be required.

The product usage report is available for license administrators in the Autodesk Account for all single user subscription.  The license usage can be monitored and reviewed at the time of next renewal for the final subscription renewal quantity.


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