What is Solibri?

Solibri Model Checker (SMC) is recognized as the world's leading out-of-the-box solution (for PC and Mac platforms) that automates Model Checking of BIM files for Revise, Quality Assurance, Analysis and Code Compliance.

Check more, check better

Intelligent in-depth model checking and industry-leading clash detection. Work with over 150 rules that adapt to suite your needs and help you build right every time.

Enrich every model and piece of data

Enrich your data by structuring it according to your needs. Enjoy the ease of automatic classification, modeled after industry standards and find a new depth of intelligence through tags and labels.


Combine to compare

Different disciplines, one model. Walk through your combined model to visually identify problems. Also to experience the smoothest 3D navigation in construction.

Information matters

Create presentations, add snapshots and write comments to clarify your needs. Share information effortlessly with the help of our documents that follow the industry format standards. Make easy quantity take-off: know exactly what you need to construct or maintain.

Model checking and so much more

With its unparalleled quality checking and flexibility, Solibri is loved by BIM professionals around the world. Check out for whom does Solibri Model Checker create value for:

With Solibri Model Checker, you can:
  • Saves building costs by decreasing design related flaws
  • Enables more accurate and up-to-date cost estimates
  • Provides time savings in architectural design
  • Supports transparent and more reliable planning process
  • Saves labour and time through automates quantity takeoffs
  • Decreases the risk involved in BIM pilot projects

You are the Project Owner and your peers are all doing BIM Projects. In most cases, the BIM requirements are so vague that nobody really knows what to ask for, much less what to expect. You have a better solution. You can articulate what you want to achieve by opting for BIM, and you can verify compliance with your requirements, by using the Solibri Model Checker.

  • Transparency and True Collaboration
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Fewer Change Orders, better cost controls and accountability

As BIM continues to grow, we are identifying new use cases with much greater frequency. Many of these require more data in models and verification of that information. Contractors are being asked to deliver information-rich models to the Owners and that information must be accurate. SMC, by the consistent application of logic-based rules is able to verify and validate the geometry and data carried in BIM files.

  • BIM Validation and Verification Consistency and Efficiency
  • Compliance with Codes & Standards Create Internal Design Standards
  • Automated Checks and Streamlined Workflow

As BIM continues to grow, We are identifying new use cases for models with much greater frequency, It is now possible for you, as a designer, to deliver much higher quality designs by using SMC to assure compliance with internal and external requirements and regulation.

  • BIM Validation and Verification Consistency and Efficiency
  • Compliance with Codes & Standards
  • Create Internal Design Standards
  • Automated Checks and Streamlined Workflow

Build impeccably.
No more hiccups.
Effortless success.

You want to build impeccably, and minimize cost and time. With Solibri Model Checker, you won't have to worry about the obstacles along the way.

Dive into a world of knowledge

Get a quick glimpse of what this ground-breaking software is all about

Solibri Workflow Animation Film

This video gives a short overview explaining how Solibri fits within your workflow.

Introducing Solibri Model Checker v9.8

This video provides a short overview of key features in our latest software release.


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